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Rules & Format

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Rally Scoring
  • Each rally in a game is worth a point.

  • Each player on the team will have a position (left side or right side). You will remain on that side the entire game unless you have decided to stack or have used your SWITCH *see below*

  • It’s important to remember the right side is the EVEN side. The left side of the court is the ODD side. This means that you will alternate servers. If you serve on the even side (right side) and win the point, the odd side player (left side) will serve the next ball.

  • Serving is like pickleball singles. When a team’s score is even service is made from the even side of the court. When a team’s score is odd, the service is made from the odd side of the court. HOWEVER, each player will remain on the side of the court in which they start. If a point is awarded to the serving team, the serve will alternate between players (a player will not serve more than one service in a row)

  • SWITCH: each team is allowed one SWITCH of position for each game. They must pause and inform the opponents. The opponents are then allowed to counter the switch or also change their positions (this does not count as the opponents 1 SWITCH per game, they will still have theirs remaining to use).

Pool Play

3 matches per team (6 games per player)

Games to 15, win by 1 point.

Tiebreaker is to 15 points, win by 2 points

The teams in 1st and 2nd place will be in the Gold Medal Match and the teams in 3rd and 4th place will be in the Bronze Medal Match. 

There will be no time outs during Pool Play.

Medal Matches & Semi-Final (OPEN DIVISION)

Medal Matches will be games to 15, win by 2 points.

Each time will have two Time Outs of 2 minutes for the entire match with an extra Time Out in case of the Tie Breaker.


Game Order

The order of games will be as followed:

Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles 1, Mixed Doubles 2.

Mixed team 1 is usually the strongest mixed team. You must choose your players for the Mixed team before the match has started. Neither team will know the other's Mixed order before the start of the match. Each team will submit their teams at the same time and will not be able to change the lineup during that match. However, each team is allowed to change their lineup throughout the day as long as it is submitted before each match.

Tie Breaker

If the number of games won in a match results in 2-2, there will be a singles tie breaker. Players will switch out every 3 points. The order of players will be Mixed 1 Male, Mixed 2 Male, Mixed 1 Female, and Mixed 2 Female.

The singles tie breaker will be skinny court, except for the OPEN division. The OPEN division will be singles full court.

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