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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide coaching that stands out for its exceptional quality, constant innovation, and top-tier expertise. We are committed to curating FUN, COMPETITIVE, and WELL-ORGANIZED tournaments that not only test skills but create memorable moments.

Above all, our dedication extends to fostering and GROWING THE PICKLEBALL COMMUNITY. By fostering connections, promoting inclusivity, and inspiring a shared love for the game, we aim to leave a lasting impact on the pickleball community.

Our Values

To Infinity & Beyond

We believe that you should shoot for the stars. We strive to put our best foot forward, in all things coaching, clinics, and tournaments and go ABOVE AND BEYOND so that you have the tools and ability to excel past your goals.

Never limit yourself on what you perceive is possible. Let’s not look for the answer of “if we can”, but rather “how we can”. Just as we promise to never limit ourselves to “if”, but rather “how”, we encourage you to set and reach goals thinking about the “how”.


Our Team

Jordann Vigna

Co-Owner and CEO

Jordann has been running events and coordinating trips now for over 10 years. She has coordinated a wide range of events including concerts, sporting events, tournaments, and many others with as many as 1000+ attendees. Planning and running trips such as camping in Zion National Park, Pickleball Getaways in Portugal, Mexico, and Costa Rica with up to 80 people.

Jordann has her Bachelors Degrees in Business Administration and Management. Since then she has founded numerous organizations including the California Association for the Sport of Roundnet (CASR).

In addition, Jordann competes at the highest level in pickleball tournaments and one of the best coaches and players in Canada. Her latest achievement is being the first round pick of the Team Smash in the Canadian National Pickleball League (CNPL).


Sophia Racine

Co-Owner and CMO

Sophia has a passion for many things but especially for people, sports, design, and wine (this comes from her Italian roots).

She has her Bachelor in Urban Planning and is an Urban Planner for Stantec in Montréal. Some of her favorite projects in Urban Planning include community gardens, Public Transportation, T.O.D ( Transit Oriented Development), and the Urban Design of a Major Baseball Stadium.

She is a natural athlete, competing at the college level in hockey and can easily pick up any sport she finds…including Pickleball. Soon after she discovered Pickleball, she became eager to improve and compete. She has quickly learned and excelled, now competing at the highest level in Québec in less than 6 months! Even though she loves it, she still has the occasional paddle throw. (haha, only kidding)

With her passion for people, and now pickleball, she couldn’t have been more excited to start this new venture with Elite Pickleball!

jf pickle 2023.jpeg

Jean-Fraçois Pinel

Director of Finance

A financial planner for over 30 years, Jean-François advises his clients on their personal finances, as well as helping them with the financial management of their businesses. A tennis and pickleball enthusiast, he enjoyed a career in fencing, where he won the Canadian championship title on several occasions, as well as medaling at the Pan-American Games. Passionate about people's ability to organize for the betterment of society, he has been and continues to be involved in boards and committees such as pickleball, tennis and fencing clubs, municipal committees and the National Council of the Green Party of Canada.

Our Coaches
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