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The best pickleball for every player. 



Interested in booking clinics for your group or club? 

We offer a variety of courses to clubs with strategy, techniques, movement, mindset and more!

Strategically designed by Canada Pro and Pickleball Getaways Coach, Jordann Vigna. The clinics are unmatched, centered on understanding and development. 

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Paul Ogden 4.0, CA 

“Jordi was delightful to work with. Positive and patient, yet insightful and persevering. She taught me swing, stance and strategy upgrades that I am using now to get more balls over! A fun and brilliant coach!”

Helene Blaszk 3.5, QC

“The explanations of Jordann's drills are clear and precise. The demonstrations are excellent. She answers all our questions in an interesting way. When we do the drill, the corrections Jordann gives us automatically increase the quality of our game.”

Nancy Farahmand 3.5, TX

“I recently returned from a pickleball clinic in Costa Rica where Jordi was one of the coaches. She did such an excellent job of providing quality instruction and feedback to all 65 of us attendees that I decided to take a private lesson from her to improve my top spin ability. She did an excellent job in guiding me in improving my swing path. In addition, she gave me clear instruction on when I should and should not use top spin during games. I highly recommend Jordi as an instructor/coach and will definitely take lessons from her again in the future.”

Kelli Hamiltom 4.0, AZ

“During a recent Pickleball Getaway, I had an opportunity to get one-on-one lessons with Jordi. I had previously met Jordi at another Pickleball Getaway so was aware that she is A) incredibly friendly, B) an amazing all-around athlete, C) quite skilled at Pickleball and D) a compassionate and encouraging trainer. I had a handful of choices in terms of who I could take lessons from, but Jordi rose to the top because of her compassionate and encouraging approach. I specifically wanted to work on two-handed blocking and dinking skills with Jordi as I was re-incorporating two-handed backhand play into my game. Initially, I struggled to get the “feel” for this new approach, but Jordi was so patient and continued to provide helpful tips and guidance in terms of where I was falling short. Jordi showed me repeatedly how the shot should look and even broke down a video of me attempting the same shot. I would highly recommend Jordi for group and individual lessons and clinics. In my experience having attended two Pickleball Getaways (where Jordi was part of the pro staff), Jordi is not only a group favorite based on her sweet personality, but she is also highly respected by all of the PB Getaways group (both men and women) for her Pickleball skills and her “you can do it!” attitude. I look forward to many more opportunities where I can learn from Jordi. She is a wonderful person!!!”
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